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CFBISD Football Coaches Aug 29, 2019
CFBISD Football Preview

We welcome the football coaches for the high schools in our school district: Paul Ressa, Newman Smith High School; Terry Smith, Ranchview High School; Jay Cline, Creekview High School; and Isaiah Young, RL Turner High School. We'll hear their hopes and plans for the new season! 

Gene McGuire Sep 05, 2019
Unshackled - From Ruin to Redemption

Gene McGuire serves as Corporate Chaplain for Babe's Chicken House Restaurants, pastoring hundreds of employees. After a series of life-changing mistakes in his youth, he has an amazing story of redemption. Here's info from his on-line biography:

"In 1977, Gene McGuire’s life as a free man ended. He was one of three persons involved in the late-night robbery of a bar. One of the men stabbed and killed the bar owner. Gene was sentenced to life in prison without parole, on a second-degree murder charge. He was 17 years old. Nearly ten years later, after achieving influence in the prison culture of drugs, power, money, pornography and disdain for authority, Gene humbled himself and experienced a Christ-transformation.

"After submitting to years of discipleship, Gene became a spiritual leader to thousands of inmates. With no hope for release himself, Gene instead developed a fruitful, fulfilling ministry within his world of incarceration. He became an elder in the prison church, developed small groups and yard Bible studies and led others who were also without freedom to true freedom in Christ.

"Then, almost 35 years into his prison sentence, came an unexpected miracle. On April 3, 2012 Presiding Judge Russell D. Shurtleff addressed the crowded Wyoming County Courtroom in Pennsylvania. He ruled that Gene had been wrongfully charged, that his life sentence was reversed and that he had already served the appropriate sentence due. Gene was released a free man — no parole.

"His story is riveting — from a life sentenced to imprisonment to one filled with the power of God’s love, forgiveness and freedom, bringing hope to all."

Chares Cox Sep 12, 2019
Update on City of Faremers Branch
Camp RYLA Participants Sep 19, 2019
Camp RYLA Recap
Chief Derrick Miller Sep 26, 2019
Update on Carrollton Police Department
Dwight Putnam Oct 03, 2019
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital
State Rep. Julie Johnson Oct 10, 2019
Legislative Session Report
Jim Carmichael Oct 24, 2019
Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

Many veterans suffer with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome). We will learn more about this life-threatening condition and how to help those who suffer from it. 

Joe & Carol Dingman Oct 31, 2019
Amazing War-time Experience

Joe & Carol Dingman share the amazing war-time experience of Carol's father, Harold Rummel. During the Battle of the Bulge, Tech-4th Class Rummel helped fly a glider that crashed behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied Belgium. Joe & Carol have learned much more about what her father experienced. They'll present a short video and lead us in reflecting on the strength, courage and tenacity of the Greatest Generation! 

CFBISD Interact Participants Nov 07, 2019
CFBISD Interact Program
Lt. Col. (Ret) Alan B West Nov 14, 2019
Veterans Day
No Meeting Nov 28, 2019
No Meeting - Happy Thanksgiving!
Merry Christmas! Dec 05, 2019
Rotary Christmas Party
Mentoring Christmas Party! Dec 12, 2019
Mentoring Christmas Party!
No Meeting Dec 26, 2019
No Meeting - Merry Christmas!
No Meeting Jan 02, 2020
No Meeting - Happy New Years!