Tracy Eubanks of Metrocrest Social Services has notified our Club of a pressing need for food, money, and supplies due to victims of Hurricane Harvey.  Many victims of the Hurricane are now in our area and in need of various supplies.  While Metrocrest Social Services primary focus is providing food, they also need clothes vouchers at their Retail store and other services based upon need.  You can help by donating any of the items listed below.  Donations can be delivered to our Carrollton/Farmers Rotary Club at our Thursday meetings at noon at Brookhaven Country Club, or to their office at 13801 Hutton Drive, Suite 150, in Carrollton.  If you prefer to donate money, you can do so by going to their website at and choose "Pantry" as the designation.  A list of items they need is as follows:
Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort
                                                 MOST URGENTLY NEEDED ITEMS
Hygiene items:
Bath Soap                                                           
Tooth brush                                                      
Tooth paste                                                       
Shaving Cream                                                 
Feminine products
Baby Diapers
Baby Hygiene items      
First aid kits
Hand sanitizer                                  
Household Items:
Disposable plates                                           
Disposable bowls
Disposable cups                                              
Disposable Utensils                                       
Paper towels                                                    
Can Opener                                                       
Laundry detergent                                         
Dish wash soap                
Food Items:  Select pull top cans or packaging that do not require  can openers
Canned Vegetables                                       
Canned Soup                                                                    
Canned meat                                                    
Canned fruit                                                     
Bottled water                                                                   
Peanut butter                                                  
Snack Crackers                                                 
Shelf stable milk
Juice boxes
Pet Food
Trail Mix
Thanks for your help!