Posted on Jun 17, 2021
Attendance at CFB Rotary's in-person meetings has been growing steadily. Today's full-house underscored the fact that we are pretty much "back to normal." As a result—after over a year—we are finally saying goodbye to Zoom, effective Thursday, July 8. Note: Zoom will still be available one more time, for the meeting next Thursday, June 24. Rotary will not meet on July 1. 
If you stretch your memory back to April 2, 2020, you'll remember when CFB Rotary joined thousands of other organizations in utilizing the relatively new technology of Zoom to maintain operations during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginning, most of us knew almost nothing about this ingenious communication tool. We adapted and learned! 
With an internet connection, a few clicks of a mouse, and occasional tutoring from long-suffering tech-guru Bill Bexley, Zoom made it possible for us to stay safe while continuing to meet remotely. That's what dozens of us did for months. Even after we began having "dual" meetings, both in-person and via Zoom, many of us continued to use Zoom as a way to stay involved. 
With Texas now "open," thanks to a successful vaccination program, Zoom participation has declined. For the last four weeks, we have had only 0-1 participants sign on via Zoom. Today there were none. Therefore, the Board has decided to conclude the dual Zoom-in-person meeting format, and beginning Thursday, July 8, meetings will be in-person only. Of course, this is an exciting step forward for our Club. But let's not forget to say THANK YOU to Zoom for helping us stay together through it all!