Posted on May 13, 2020
The Carrollton-Farmers Branch Rotary Club has over four centuries of club experience! During our Rotary Zoom meeting on Thursday, May 7, we asked the 24 members present (out of 66 on the active rolls) to share how long they have each been in the Rotary Club. Added together, there was a total of 423 years. That's a lot of Rotary experience! 
The three most senior members present were John Dodd, Scott Smith and Charles Heath, with forty or more years each, while seven of the 24 present had been members for ten or fewer years.
Having so much valuable experience, coupled with lots of new members, is a wonderful aspect of life in CFB Rotary. We are fortunate to have such a diverse and deeply committed membership.
PS. Let us know in the comments below how many years you've been in Rotary.