The Hockaday History Teacher Who Used To Be a Spy
Aug 06, 2020
Tracy Walder
The Hockaday History Teacher Who Used To Be a Spy

Up until last semester, Tracy Walder taught history to upper middle schoolers at Dallas' Hockaday School, but her resume includes a lot more than that. D Magazine featured Tracy's story in a recent article entitled "The Hockaday History Teacher Who Used To Be a Spy."

Before Hockaday, Tracy worked as a Staff Operations Officer (SOO) Intelligence Agency's Counterterrorism Center Weapons of Mass Destruction Group and a Special Agent at the FBI. During her time at the CIA, Tracy travelled to war zones and many other countries. Tracy received many awards for her service from both the CIA and from foreign intelligence offices, to include the counterterrorism medal and multiple exceptional performance awards. After the CIA, Tracy became a Special Agent at the FBI's Los Angeles Field Office specializing in Chinese counterintelligence operations. Following her time at the CIA and FBI, Tracy enrolled in both a master's and a teaching credential program. She taught history and a self-created course on national security and foreign policy for over a decade. Tracy earned her degree in history from the University of Southern California and her Master's in education from Chapman University.

Tracy currently works as an author, adjunct professor of Criminal Justice at Texas Christian University, and member of the Board of Directors of Girl Security, a nonpartisan organization increasing the representation of women in national security by building a pipeline for girls and young women through learning, training, and mentoring support. She has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News and has written national security pieces for Salon, the NY Post, HuffPo and other publications. 

Tracy’s is the author of The Unexpected Spy: From the CIA to the FBI, My Secret Life Chasing Down Some of the World’s Most Notorious Terrorists, which was an audio book best seller.  Since its release it has been translated into Portuguese and Korean. Additionally, ABC network and studio, in conjunction with Calamity Jane and Timberman/Beverly production companies, plan to create a TV series based on her book.